Tuesday, 30 April 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 7

So I apparently had some kind of obsession with vintage style hair and floral patterns on the 23rd.... it happens? Again, I find myself apologising for the quality of the photo's, but I think I'm starting to improve... I've begun investigating camera settings (oh, the horror), and I'm starting to get better at choosing better lighting, but I need more practice, so bear with me :) 

I adore the attention to detail in Monica's outfit - the tights, sunnies, red lips, and flower in her hair all tie in together, as well as the pearls.

Love the vintage feel, such pretty hair :)
Kimberley in lovely pastel's paired with a striking, darker, floral skirt. Along with the navy shoes, it creates a lovely descent in colour depth.

Fiona, looking absolutely chic. Such a stunning skirt (Unfortunately the combination of shooting inside with shaky hands from excessive caffeine does not lend itself well to cameramanship, so my close up is useless). The green shoes and necklace match the tree's wonderfully, and the beige belt ties it all together nicely.

Luckily, I have since run into Fiona, so I have some shots of her in better lighting in a darling floral dress (I don't get to use the world 'darling' to describe clothing often :P)

Love the casual eclectic feel - it has just the right amount of attitude, and just the right amount of laidback to be perfect. 

Sherwin's collar adds just the right edge to her ensemble.
I think I just need to accept the wrath of flash and use it indoor to prevent the hectic graininess. The white spotty shit peeking out with the rounded collar is so cute, and really adds a polished edge to this outfit.

The impact made by the vest portion of the jacket however, is what really makes this outfit - alongside the red lip, which stops  her from being absorbed by such a powerful outfit. Stunning.
Again with the vintage feel :) So gorgeous, just like Sarah stepped out from another decade.

The white fishnets are great, not too sexy, not too innocent. (I'll have to get some :P) Practical and stylish shoes are always a must (can't always wear heels, or ballet flats with a tendency to fly off your foot places)

Such a stunning dress - the neckline is perfect, the collar fantastic, the waistband sits just where it should, and the long, pleated skirt is so feminine and romantic.
 And that's it for now... But again, I have more photo's waiting to be posted :) I'm really loving doing this - I get to have interesting (and often hilarious) conversations with interesting people. Likewise, when I approach a girl with her group of friends, I often get to hear them pimp out her style ("Oh, she's hardly dressed up now, you should see her most days" "She always looks fabulous" "She's our fashionista".... as well as a few sarcastic "Oh yeah, I'm her agent, fifty dollars, no, a hundred!"). I love seeing that, it's so heart warming (as well as hilarious) Hope to see you all (and photograph you :P) soon!

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  1. Do you know Fiona?
    Last time I meet Fiona was at Canobolas High School Orange when she was doing her prac.
    Fiona if you ever read this leave a message...also sorry for blowing it at the Park view that night....I should have went on that Central West trip that weekend....I didn't realize what I think you where asking me until later....sorry for my male thickness.