Friday, 7 February 2014

I've been feeling old, I've been feeling cold, You're the heat that I know

And here we are, at the last set of outfit pictures before we cross over into DSLR territory. How exciting :D In other news, my first youtube video is now online. I feel pretty nervous and all, but I'm also pretty excited, and I think this will be good for me in terms of confidence and learning to speak a bit clearer (slower with reduced reliance on filling space with umm and like :P). I originally planned to do a tutorial on styling a white button up shirt, but I couldn't manage the introduction without supreme awkwardness, so I thought I'd break my youtubeginity by making a '50 facts about me' video, which was surprisingly pretty easy to do. I blame my immense ability to blab on and on about myself. I hope you like the thumbnail I chose - since I neglected to actually take a photo for the thumbnail (silly me), the best I could get was me smiling like an eight year old :P

Otherwise, I wore this back in August to uni one day. Hence the photo's in front of a big sandstone building :P I should really return to usyd for outfit photos this month before the undergraduate's arrive in smarch.... realistically, I'm only comfortably letting so many people judge me and my tripod.  

As I mentioned last time I posted an outfit with this skirt, I was happy to stumble across it - my sister has a dress made of the same fabric, but I can't wear it because it strangles me....yeah, I'm not willing to sacrifice the feeling of not being strangled for fashion :P And yes, I own this same coat in blue and I'd be happy to own it in every colour if it didn't involve resewing all the buttons upon purchase (whilst the rest of it is fairly well made, the buttons are in no way properly attached). Actually, when you think about it, I've had plenty of cheap clothing that would have been great if they sewed the buttons on properly.... 

Lace Blouse - Stella McCartney for Target (Also see here, here and here :P)
Cherry Blossom Skirt - Paper Heart 
White Coat - Miracle 
Belt from my Mumma :)
Studded Loafers - Wittner Shoes
Assorted Jewellery that I either bought forever ago, inherited, or was given

As per usual, you can find this on LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA.

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  1. That coat is so perfect <3 I love the ruffles!

    - Anna