Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Of purple, mustard, and those sunnies I have since broken

Let's just not mention that I wore this outfit all the way back in July ;) Whoops :/

Anyway, time for excuses - blah biochemistry blah immunology blah third year etc. That was by far the most work intense semester I have ever had, so here is hoping my grades during university haven't been increasing over the last three years just to plummet in my last semester. (Although, I honestly think that could be established as a trend). Now off to new things - I'm taking a gap year, and hoping to find work, and weekends too :P And catching up on all of the things.

Otherwise, oh my, my hair looks so short. Even though it's really hardly that much longer now. And wow, I look like a doucebag. Nothing new there ;)