Thursday, 27 February 2014

Five Ways to Survive Fashion Week

Or in other words, how to channel my immense wish to currently be in Paris towards something productive. It's probably a good thing my passports are out of date so I don't just accidently buy tickets to Europe or something. Oh well, I only own one coat that's actually Europe-weather-appropriate anyway. 

 Image credits clockwise from top left:  Le 21ème, Phil Oh, Tommy Ton, Le 21ème, Tommy Ton, Street Peeper and Street Peeper.

 1. Firstly, as it's winter in the northern hemisphere, layering up is a necessity. Thus; learning the art of gallavanting around with a coat draped over one's shoulders is just as essential. Whilst this may give you the edge of je ne sais quoi via nonchalant nonsense; it also allows you to show off all those layers lingering beneath your coat. Functionality wise, it acts to protect you from the cold wind whilst preventing overheating. And lord knows you don't want to carry the damn thing inside the shows.....

Image credits clockwise from top left: Zu Shoes, Wittner Shoes, Wittner Shoes, and Wittner again :P, Jeffrey Campbell, Jeffrey Campbell and UNIF.

 2. It's time to dig deep within your closet, and pull out every pair of shoes you own that confer any sort of vertical advantage sans stilleto heel. Thank god flatforms and platforms of every shape and size are invariably in every second or third season. Even an inch of platform brings you out of the snow and (somewhat) closer to being able to make eye contact with those blessed of limb.

 Image credits clockwise from top left: American Apparal (red and coral), Ameican Apparal Striped (grey and red), Happy Socks Heart, Happy Socks Big Dot, Happy Socks Hawaii, Bonds Sheer Purple, Bonds Sheer Red, Bonds Cable Pink.

3.  Since sandals of every platformed and flatformed reincarnation have been appearing lately, and the age old faux pas of wearing socks with sandals is suddenley sartorially relevent, your favourite pair is now winter appropriate. Yes, I know I live in Australia, and as such I have never really experienced 'cold', but seriosuly, just chuck on a second pair, and play with them until one pokes out above the other. Bonus points for coordinating coloured socks to your ensemble, but otherwise, monochrome provides a chic and modern take. Just make sure your shoes have enough platform to prevent wet one likes wet socks.

 Image credits clockwise from top left: Everpurse, Hustlebag, Phorce.

4. Whilst it is too late to get anything shipped to Fashion Week, if you're desperate to maintain your phones charge all day long without having to loiter near a valuable power point, it pays to invest for next season. Hustlebag and Everpurse provide a stylish and practical way to charge your phone (althought only Hustlebag is currently available at this time). Hustlebag also ships to London, if you're super desperate (and optimistic about the Commenwealth's postal system and it's ability to forward on mail to Paris). And for those with more hefty charging needs, keep your eye on the soon to be released Phorce - a briefcase, messenger bag and backpack all in one that charges up to three usb powered devices, with the capability to charge laptops and Macbooks. And it comes in red....

  Image credits clockwise from top left: Albion Street, Harlem, The Signature, Rome in a Day, Centro, and , Uptown all from Get Me to New York.

5.Whilst there is no guarantee that purchasing enough of these scarves will get you to New York, there is no denying that you probably won't care as much with one of their New York themed scarves. They also have a plethora of non-big-apple themed scarves for those who are more obsessed with beautifully printed silk scarves. They're also reasonably priced...somehow I remembered them as being four times the price, so now I almost feel like a 4 for 1 sale  is on almost...thankfully my spending money online capabilities are severely (and willingly, for the sake of self control) limited.

A note on my choice of brands and products:

I tried to use Australian brands wherever possible, because I'm a patriot in that way. I also tried to use smaller businesses wherever possible, because I'm a big fan of supporting small businesses - especially when it comes down to fashion (unless you can afford to buy all the Dior, Celine, Miu Miu and Saint Laurent you want...then I won't stop you). Either I personally love the brands products (Wittner shoes, check how much I wear them on my instagram, same with ZU shoes), or I support the brands values and philosophy's, and would like to buy their products (e.g. Hustlebag, Phorce and Everpurse, Get Me to New York, etc). In terms of American Apparal, I really dislike their extreme overreliance on oversexualisation and sexual objectification in their advertisements, but I'm a big fan of how they manufacture their goods - in the US, for a fair wage, and in a working environment they are continually trying to improve.

No person or brand asked me to promote their products, company, name or image for this post, and all selections have been made based off personal choice and wherever Google happened to direct me.

Friday, 7 February 2014

I've been feeling old, I've been feeling cold, You're the heat that I know

And here we are, at the last set of outfit pictures before we cross over into DSLR territory. How exciting :D In other news, my first youtube video is now online. I feel pretty nervous and all, but I'm also pretty excited, and I think this will be good for me in terms of confidence and learning to speak a bit clearer (slower with reduced reliance on filling space with umm and like :P). I originally planned to do a tutorial on styling a white button up shirt, but I couldn't manage the introduction without supreme awkwardness, so I thought I'd break my youtubeginity by making a '50 facts about me' video, which was surprisingly pretty easy to do. I blame my immense ability to blab on and on about myself. I hope you like the thumbnail I chose - since I neglected to actually take a photo for the thumbnail (silly me), the best I could get was me smiling like an eight year old :P

Otherwise, I wore this back in August to uni one day. Hence the photo's in front of a big sandstone building :P I should really return to usyd for outfit photos this month before the undergraduate's arrive in smarch.... realistically, I'm only comfortably letting so many people judge me and my tripod.  

As I mentioned last time I posted an outfit with this skirt, I was happy to stumble across it - my sister has a dress made of the same fabric, but I can't wear it because it strangles me....yeah, I'm not willing to sacrifice the feeling of not being strangled for fashion :P And yes, I own this same coat in blue and I'd be happy to own it in every colour if it didn't involve resewing all the buttons upon purchase (whilst the rest of it is fairly well made, the buttons are in no way properly attached). Actually, when you think about it, I've had plenty of cheap clothing that would have been great if they sewed the buttons on properly.... 

Lace Blouse - Stella McCartney for Target (Also see here, here and here :P)
Cherry Blossom Skirt - Paper Heart 
White Coat - Miracle 
Belt from my Mumma :)
Studded Loafers - Wittner Shoes
Assorted Jewellery that I either bought forever ago, inherited, or was given

As per usual, you can find this on LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA.