Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Have you no idea that you're in deep? I dreamt about you nearly every night this week

Firstly, I'm entering the lovenailtree x LOOKBOOK competition, so if you're here, please make my day and go over there and read my little bit of prose (from a piece of writing I'm hoping to continue), and hype my look (you just need facebook). I've always loved writing; so the connection of my two creative outlets (writing and fashion) is really enticing to me - basically, the brand is going to 'bring five stories to life' in a special collection.

Sticking to song lyrics for post titles, because I have always sucked at naming things. See: my photographic musings as a 14 year old. (Here, I should have linked you to my deviant art or something, but why would I put you through that? I'm not that mean....). Thank you Triple J for directing me towards songs to play on repeat....and congratulations to Lorde for getting three songs in the top 15, and finagling number 2. And then going on to win two grammy's. Can you tell I like Lorde?

I think I look like an eight year old in the second picture (which is basically why I included it). Otherwise, I can't help but adore the appeal of this blazer and black button up shirt together. I'll have to wear it with the white pants I finally own. Which are thankfully denim, and (non-chlorine) bleach friendly, for when I inevitably stain them (somehow). But otherwise, these fuchsia shorts are the perfect colour to pair with navy, and I've recently fallen in love with navy :P I've also recently bought far too much clothing. So many pants - I wish I had them last year, when I had labs all the time. Oh well :P Now I just have to wait until the temperature drops...oh, out of season sale shopping. 

In other news, I've basically finished editing my first video, so that will be live with my next outfit post. How exciting :P I hope you all had a great Australia Day Long Weekend - it was great to relax, and for once, it must have been nice to go to Big Day Out (Not being about 35-40°C).

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

University of Sydney Style - Week 3

I'm sorry for the absolutely massive delay in posting these - especially to those I've photographed. After this, I have enough photos for one more post, so that should be up in the next couple of weeks. I have everyones names written down alongside what degree they were pursuing, but it's been so long and I'm not sure if I've gotten it right - and I'm also missing the name of the first beautiful lady - so let me know if you know her name (or if that's you :P) - it ended up being backspaced at some point, because her degree is still there (and in future, I know to take better notes. You think labs would have taught me this by now).

Now, the future of USYD style - if you've been reading my blog, you may have heard that I'm taking this year off from studying - so obviously, I won't be at USYD daily. However, I'll most likely end up visiting my friends doing med and honours on campus, and if I do, I'll bring my fancy new DSLR along (it's not that fancy, but it's a big step up from a point and shoot, so that's good enough for me). 

In the meantime however, I'd like to keep USYD Style going - even if I'm not taking the photos myself. So, if you're interested in photographing students around campus, and doing a bit of a write up for each person (it doesn't need to follow any particular format  - you can describe what you liked, or you can interview the person, I don't mind), send me an email at, or contact me on the facebook page. I set up a USYD style specific blogspot a while ago, so it would be posted there, as well as on the facebook page. I'm not advertising for a single or permanent position currently, more on a per-post basis. Just send me an email beforehand, and I'll let you know a few more specifics about what I'm looking for photo-wise. If you're interested in continuing after a few posts, I'll consider a more permanent position. And oh look, I bolded things, so you could get to the point quickly :P

This lovely lady studies Arts, specifically French, English and Gender Studies.  A very feminine look reminiscent of the pin-up era, despite the demure nature. The dash of red lipstick and red flowers perfectly accent an otherwise dark colour palette.

Natasha, studying Media and Communications, has struck just the right balance of structure and ease for a monochrome look.

Sebastian is studying Arts/Science, with a major in film and performance. I ended up seeing him a few weeks after this in theatresports, and he was pretty hilarious. 

Because, as I've said before, with guys it just comes down to outwear and shoes for an easy and laidback, but still stylish look. Although that principle realistically isn't gender specific...see blazers and heels. (That demonstrated my point much more than I expected....)

Georgia is currently studying arts, specifically Psychology. I absolutely adore the vibrancy in this outfit, it's one of those outfits where your eye is drawn to each part gradually to create an eclectic whole. If you get what I mean... I'm kind of wishing I could just 3D print her cardigan right now.

Caroline studies Science/Arts, majoring in Marine Biology and Modern Greek Language. I fell in love with all the texture in this outfit - I love the romantic and innocent feeling created by a soft pink palette, alongside the contrast provided by the bag and the boots, preventing it from being overtly feminine and sweet. I adore Caroline's bag, which she picked up in Morocco - the textured detail was just exquisite in person.

That's it for now - thank you for reading, and for waiting since August for these to appear. I hope 2013 treated you all well, and you're all ready and excited for whatever endeavours you have planned for the nest year. 

Remember to email me at if you're interested in taking some photos for USYD style :)

Friday, 17 January 2014

Lace and Printed Paisley

Oh look, pictures of me floating in the air like an idiot. Just what you needed to see :P That and me attempting to eat a handbag my mum 'lent' me a few years ago.

So rather than naming things date-wise, I've been attempting descriptive titles. You can probably see why I usually just rely on song lyrics... Anyhoo. First post of the year and all that. Welcome to 2014 - I hope you all enjoyed your holiday period, and are refreshed (enough). It was really great to actually relax, and spend some time with family and friends. And of course, eat a lot of good food :P Because honestly, the whole point of Christmas is family and food. At least in my opinion :P 

I recently spent some time messing around with my camera filming myself, so expect a video from me at some point in the impending future - head over to my new (empty :P) youtube channel and subscribe if you'd like to see that as soon as it happens. I'll be doing fashion tutorials and discussions of issues, or something along that line. Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see :)

On another note, my sister and I are currently in the process of starting our own business selling handmade jewellery, so stay tuned to hear more about that :) 

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Blazer - Target (borrowed from my sister, Clare)
Lace Blouse - Tokito
Lace Bustier - Kmart (what up)
Black Jeans - Levi's
Shoes - Wittner
Belt - La Franche