Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit of the Day - 6th of June, 2013

Finally I'm done with outfit posts from last bloody semester...So I've worn about 60% of this outfit before. And I'll probably wear the same 60% of it again... because I can :P I wish I had the money to either buy or make silk blouses in every colour that exists.....but silk is about $50 a metre (at least for the weave I want), so that's rather unlikely. Let's not even talk about how expensive silk blouses are new... Guess I'll have to wait for someone to decide to genetically engineer cells to synthesise silk. Until then, I'll just hope for some more thrift shop love.

Green Silk Blouse - Lisa Ho (Salvo's :D)
Blue Coat - Mystique
Navy Skirt - Kmart 

See this on LOOKBOOK here and CHICTOPIA too.


  1. I love this unexpected color pairing! The lime green really pops. <3 Gorgeous coat!

    - Anna

  2. pretty blazer! ;)

    anyway, i hope you can join my ongoing international giveaway *here*

  3. Amazing top :) Lime green wins. I love your blog can't wait to read more - I just started following you on bloglovin :) follow me back? xx

  4. Very beautiful! This look is great on you! Loving all those colors!
    xo jess

  5. Gorgeous look, I love how the blue and green go so well together!


  6. Hey there! Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog and on my instagram pictures! You made me smile :)

    Now I found your blog, and I think it is such an amazing website, keep that way, you look gorgeous!