Wednesday, 10 April 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 5

Alex and Axel, friends with style benfits... Or in non-creepy-innuendo, friends who match their outfits at times. So cute, and so striking from a distance.

One of those outfits I see where I think "I love her socks...ooh, I love her sweater..and her shirt...and her bag,", and then I remember that I have a camera with me and intentions to capture style.

Thrifted leather backpack, so jealous. Have wanted one for so long. My back has too ;)

I saw this girl a few weeks ago with the same boots and pants, and wished I had my camera with me. This time, on a bus, late for my first lecture, and unwilling to make her any later. Hopefully I run into her again, both times the rest of her outfit was worth capturing.
Love this - relaxed but casual.
Jellies and socks, so cute. I've seen five or so people around campus wearing jellies. I had no idea they still sold them. I used to adore mine, back when I loved pink.

I love how the tone darkens as it goes down, simple, but chic.

And look, her stripey top matches the striped lining of her backpack. (I'll just show myself out for being easily amused).

I love the red dress - I want one, now. I also loved how the floral complimented her hangbag and shoes (which I should have taken a close up of)

Simple, but elegent. Also, red and blue, my favourite colours together :)

I adore her handbag, so pretty :)

So colourful, so suave, so awesome.

So I always see this guy about campus in old school military attire, which I think is pretty cool. I've always wanted to buy an old school military uniform and tailor it to fit me.

I usually see these two together, looking like they've stepped out of another decade. I hope to run into them again on a day when I have my camera.
I love the minimalist appeal of this, especially the oversized navy jacket.

In all technicality, not USYD style, but Australian College of Applied Psychology style, but I ran into her on the bus, and she ended up getting off the bus early so I could take photo's - such a sweetheart :) Love the wintery look on such a rainy day.

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