Monday, 15 April 2013

University of Sydney Style - Weeks 5 and 6

Sorry for the lateness of this post, extremely busy trying to finish assignments. I'd say that hopefully it should get less hectic soon....but I doubt that. So hopefully I get better at managing my time :P Without further adieu....

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Betty - always stylishly and beautifully dressed, very wonderfully feminine.

Love the contrast between the feminine blouse and tights, and the more edgy vest and shoes.

Simple, but very chic. And a beautiful smile to boot :)

Sian, wearing a striking geometric dress (you can spot her a mile away, which is helpful :P)

Shiiiiiny. Also, for those worried about her safety on campus in heels, the heel looked pretty sturdy.

A lovely romantic colour palette, perfectly complemented by pearls, and sunglasses.

Lab-safe clothing done stylishly (and still safe)

Also, not the exceptionally fitting jeans. So jealous. Made by Dr. Denim.

Gotta love the necklace :)

Sky and nameless gentleman (sorry!) looking preppy and rather dapper.

I love the light texture of the blouse contrasted to the heavy velvet of her skirt. And how the white pearls on the skirt tie in with the white lace. Perfect shoes too.

Simple, but chic. I love the multi-toned red, of course. Gorgeous purse too.

Finally, Yolanda, in lab safe clothing. Such a stunning blazer :)

And that's it for now... I'll be bringing my camera with me tomorrow (Tuesday), and Thursday and Friday. Thanks for letting me take photo's :)

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