Sunday, 7 April 2013

Instanails....or 18 different ways I've painted my nails

My first attempt at 'nail art' with sticky tape. Let's just pretend I didn't end up tearing most of the blue off when I removed the tape...and tht I didn't have to awkwardly fix it.

Still one of my favourites...

These did not turn out at all like they were supposed to...

Neither did these....originally intended them to be galaxy nails, ended up going with some kind of weird Monet-inspired colour theme.

Perpetually obsessed with this colour (Revlon - Lilac pastelle) with white shatter.

Scratch that, I'm just obsessed with white shatter.

More spots.... I was so proud when these survived a chemistry practical where I cleaned so much glassware with acetone...

Yes, bragging about my glassware washing skills.

Felt like a circus tent, did love.

My favourite variation of the french manicure.

 Less flowers, more splotches of colour with yellow inside. 

 What did I say about white shatter?

One of my favourites, even though it didn't turn out excellently.Tutorial here.

 I adore the simplicity of stripes.

Turned out so bumpy and bubbly. But matte :)

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