Saturday, 27 April 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 6

Again I have to apologise for not's my own damn fault for choosing a biochem major :P Now I can feel guilty about not posting, as well as feeling guilty for not studying! Oh, the joy ;) In all seriousness though, photographing people around campus brightens my day. Everyone is always nice, and I've had many interesting encounters. As I said, brightens my day. And look that even sat perfectly underneath the one before.....creepy.

Seemed to really go for a lot of the hipster chic type thing... it must be the cold weather.

I spotted Claire powering along Eastern Avenue like a woman on a mission. Confidence stands out from a distance like nothing else. Striped pants obviously don't hurt.

Casually photographing crotches because you know, pretty colours. I absolutely adore this outfit - perfect casual but chic.

Saba always looks stylish and stunning, and it's been a pleasure to watch her style develop over the last two years. Love the red (typical of me).

The impact of a simple, coloured coat. Didn't notice until after that it was buttoned off kilter. Not sure if unintentional or intentional nonchalance.

Georgie, in stunning camel pants and that kind of nonchalant chic attitude. Note the mismatched socks, with one matching her jacket, and the other kind of matching her scarf.

Fell in love with the sweater and the socks. So cute :)

Julia, with a stunning trench coat again making a straight-forward outfit that much more chic.

Callie, in an oversized coat, skinny pants, shiny shoes, and a cosy looking beanie.

Nurul, sporting perhaps my favourite sweater ever. So cute :) Likewise, I love the impact made by Nurul wrapping her hair up in a scarf - gives an already chic ensemble a sleek edge.

I love colourful, homemade sweaters (made by Catriona's Mum). Especially one like this, that stands out from so far away - a colourful beacon on an otherwise cold and drab day.

I love Jessie's calf length skirt, so floaty and feminine. The socks and ankle boots, along with the white blouse tie it all together nicely too.

I apologise for the shocking lighting here, I really need to get better with that. Kate is another girl from my degree, and as with Saba, it's been a pleasure to see her sense of style.

I apologise for the odd colouring, but it was either go with a vintage feel, or make the colouring absolutely abysmal. Sorry Kate... next time I see you I'll do a better job :)

And that's it for now... I have photo's from this last week waiting to be posted though, so expect those soonish :) Thanks for your patience, as always, and thanks for reading!

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