Friday, 13 December 2013

Within the Mirror

And these will be the last outfit photo's taken with the Sony point and shoot I starting using in 2010. Oh thank god. When it comes down to it, a camera is a camera, and I'm not going to complain as long as I have a camera, and a tripod. I've been playing around with photography since I was 14 or though, so I recently took the plunge, and put a bit of money in so I get could a DSLR for my birthday. I ended up getting a Canon 600D, I'm fairly happy - it's amazing how satisfying it is to take photographs which a proper camera, which is mechanical (i.e. the single lens reflex, as well as the focus and zoom on the lens). Now to begin experimentation.

Speaking of, if anyone knows how to manually focus with a self-timer, let me know. I have a dress making mannequin, so I could set that up and focus on it, but that severely restricts my ability to go places. Also, I'd have to get it out of the way each time, and I imagine that will end with bodily harm to myself and/or mannequin. I'm also assuming I'll have an easier time getting myself in focus relative to the background once I figure out aperture. Any tips would be appreciated :) 

I have about six posts left before we cross-over to DSLR territory, so I'll let you know :) 

Again with the feelings of 'my hair is so short here' even though it has hardly gotten that much longer. Although I can tie it up now :3 

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Of purple, mustard, and those sunnies I have since broken

Let's just not mention that I wore this outfit all the way back in July ;) Whoops :/

Anyway, time for excuses - blah biochemistry blah immunology blah third year etc. That was by far the most work intense semester I have ever had, so here is hoping my grades during university haven't been increasing over the last three years just to plummet in my last semester. (Although, I honestly think that could be established as a trend). Now off to new things - I'm taking a gap year, and hoping to find work, and weekends too :P And catching up on all of the things.

Otherwise, oh my, my hair looks so short. Even though it's really hardly that much longer now. And wow, I look like a doucebag. Nothing new there ;)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit of the Day - 6th of June, 2013

Finally I'm done with outfit posts from last bloody semester...So I've worn about 60% of this outfit before. And I'll probably wear the same 60% of it again... because I can :P I wish I had the money to either buy or make silk blouses in every colour that exists.....but silk is about $50 a metre (at least for the weave I want), so that's rather unlikely. Let's not even talk about how expensive silk blouses are new... Guess I'll have to wait for someone to decide to genetically engineer cells to synthesise silk. Until then, I'll just hope for some more thrift shop love.

Green Silk Blouse - Lisa Ho (Salvo's :D)
Blue Coat - Mystique
Navy Skirt - Kmart 

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University of Sydney Style - Week 1

Welcome to another semester! Whilst I'm sure you feel about the same as I do (now we've finished a week, how about another week off?), this means that USYD style is back in business, so to say. I hope you've all enjoyed your holidays, even though they were far too short :P 

On a side note, I feel like I'm finally beginning to improve things in terms of lighting. I've also been lent a different point and shoot (funnily enough, the last one was a lend from my sister....let's just say my camera isn't fond of me and leave it at that). So hopefully less time spent shuddering at my awkward photographic abilities :P 

I've also started asking people what they are studying also - I apologise in advance for all the horrible puns I will come up with because I've said "is currently studying/undertaking" far too many times. Anyway, on with it.

This is the second time I've photographed Jess - I love it when I see someone who I want to photograph from a distance, and then realise it's someone who I have photographed before.  To add to the coincidence, Jess is wearing the same pantsas last time, but in a different colour - hell, if you love it, buy it in every colour.

There's something about dainty florals and brightly coloured stockings that appeals to me - probably because it's a somewhat unexpected combination. Marly is currently studying JD Law.

I like how the little bit of silver in Marly's sunnies ties them to her necklace and watch.

Toby is currently undertaking my favourite degree combination ever - philosophy and physics. (Apart from the theoretical 'Gender Studies' 'Pharmacology' & 'Music' degree). There's something about suspenders that just elevates an outfit - probably because they are so uncommonly seen nowadays. Here, they take a relatively simple combination (the plaid button up and jeans), and turn it into something much more dapper.

Matt is currently building towards an Architecture degree (har har, terrible puns). I'm getting the feeling most of the guys I photograph for here are sporting a button down shirt and a sweater. It is that time of least for now. 

I love it when I ask someone if I can photograph them for my style blog, and they respond by looking down, as though to assess what they are wearing - often followed by some comment to the effect of "Oh, this?" - I think a lot of the time, style is confused with being 'dressed up' - rather, to me, style is more how one dresses on an everyday basis, rather than how one dresses for a special event.

So I think Jessica, a lecturer in Early Childhood Education, may be the first lecturer on here….although maybe not, since I've only just started asking people what they are studying :P

Jessica is sporting a rather classic ensemble, but with a red coat, and punchy accessories (I'd like to appropriate her scarf) to modernise it a little, with the white shirt and shoes grounding the red.

Anton, from  Electrical Engineering is sporting a similar colour scheme to Jessica (red, grey and white). I can't really think of anything else to say about this outfit  - all I can currently think is 'I could replicate this whole outfit now I've found a grey blazer'. Except I don't have navy shoes - and speaking of navy shoes (as well as 'fashion advice'), a good pair of shoes really makes an outfit. Unfortunately, the same applies for reverse :P

From the ChineseAppreciation Society (or Chopsticks), L to R, Bryan, studying International Marketing/Business, Leon, completing a Master of Commerce, and Johnnie, studying Commerce.

I don't think I really need to provide commentary on their outfits - they look absolutely fabulous - as do their poses (Leon's bemused expression peeking out from that fan is perfect).

And again we have Finn, who was featured last semester. Finn is currently studying English (which is appropriate since he is dressed for the part - seriously, the sunnies, the scarf, the sweater over a button up). All of this makes for a rather dapper outfit.

Sydney, currently pursuing a degree in Resource Economics, and also from Chopsticks (I ran into Sydney an hour or so after I saw the others guys - all of the points to chopsticks for running an interesting Re-O-Day stall). I really like her hat. Do you blame me?

Otherwise, this pose suits her outfit perfectly.

On the Left we have Antonius (or Aoki) - whilst technically not a USYD student (He doesn't even go here), he was on campus and dressed up, so I figure he is still free game :P On the right, Vermillion, who is currently studying Japanese/Arts.

And finally, Malinda, studying French and Psychology. I absolutely adore her bow, and whilst this outfit is immensely reminiscent of a school girl (which I am fairly sure was the point), I still want to wear something like this. Although I'm sure my friends would mock me as much as they could if I ever did….

Also, ah, Malinda's friend, who came, joined in, and then disappeared.Oh, and my shadow...what was that I was saying about getting better with lighting again?
So lovely of you to join us :P 

 I hope you all have enjoyed this post....welcome back to semester!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 5th of June, 2013

Just casually getting my midriff out because these pants are too tight to have anything tucked into them without it looking like I have the lumpiest midsection ever. Beyond that, I felt like wearing something colourful, which still filled the pre-requisite of being comfortable enough to wear in a lab (read, pants or shorts - lab stools are best sat on in the most unladylike manner possible). 

Other than that, more obsessive love for this blazer and this denim shirt. Personally, I much prefer these pants worn this way than as I did previously. Probably because I have this problem with wearing too much colour at times :P (I also have this issue where I enjoy acting like an idiot in front of a tripod, but hey, if I didn't have that problem, this wouldn't be here).

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 21st of May 2013

I love how purple and mustard looks together...and even better yet, I can now wear the inverse of this outfit, now I've found a mustard blazer :) (I made a matching purple skirt when I made that blazer, because you know, who doesn't need a purple suit). Whilst I love the feel of a blazer made of ponti (oh, the softness), it is one hell of an annoying fabric to sew with, and it really isn't suitable to make blazers out of. Seriously - can't iron it, even at a low temperature - it scorches the fabric. Cue the beginnings of my adventures into pressing by hand - in other words, getting the blazer soaking wet, and moulding it into place as it dries. 

Ponti is lovely as a fabric, soft, and comfortable to wear (it makes awesome non-restrictive bandage skirts), but it is annoying as hell to take care of. Skirt hangers leave marks and distort the shape of the fabric, so I find it's best to lay the skirts flat in a drawer. Likewise, I had to use a pretty weird slanted zig-zag stitch narrowed to practically a straight stitch, because otherwise, the stitching ripped the moment any stretch was applied.

That very quickly descended into a rant about working with ponti. In other news, this is my last outfit post from May (woo!) Now just two from June and then this shall be reasonably current :)

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 20th of May 2013

Woo, high quality photos! *cough* I contemplated reshooting these, but my nail polish matched my shirt and I thought that was fun and all. I also tied my belt in some kind of kooky way that I'm not entirely sure I can replicate - the stabby bit that goes through the belt hole kind of disappeared.... 

My sister Clare found this lovely navy silk skirt at Vinnies (alongside a matching top), and on her suggestion, I wore it with this orange top. I probably wouldn't have chosen that top, but I'm glad she did suggest it - it's much more interesting than the white or black shirt I would have inevitably chosen. I wore this to uni on one of those pleasant days where I only have lectures to attend.

Otherwise, I have three more oufits from during semester to post now (woo!), and two new outfits (well, portions of them have been on instagram, but not the entire thing) which I shot today to test out a point and shoot camera I have on lend. 

Hope the week has been treating you all well thus far - I'm already beginning to dread the end of holidays. Free time is so nice :)

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