Thursday, 4 July 2013

University of Sydney Style - Weeks 10 and 11

After a somewhat extended break (oh biochemistry, why do I love thee so?), here is the first of the last two posts. In terms of next semester, I'll be in at uni for re-o-week (check the facebook page for specifics closer to the date), and I look forward to seeing you all there :)

Ntshele sports a rather dapper navy jacket (gotta love elbow patches). I love this outfit (and this photo too, it's probably my favourite thus far). Straightforward, but very stylish and in an approachable way too.

I love this dress, the little pearls sewed on the bottom are just adorable :) The pink flats are great, adding an unexpected pop of colour to an otherwise neutral palette.

I love how the texture of Xin's lace dress resembles that of the stockings, whilst the colour of the dress is matched to the hat. I love the unexpected addition of a hat to this outfit, it really helps to make the richness of the dress more daytime appropriate.

Rachel demonstrating perfect casual chic - take a pair of jeans with a faint print to them, a pale blue shirt, add a punchy sweater and top it off with a lovely pin-up style fringe and a friendly smile. The green nails are also lovely :)

Again on the note of comfortable chic - blazers and a button up shirt are my own personal godsend (especially at the end of semester when my brain hurts far too much to be used creatively). I love Lauren's beanie too, so cute :)

I love Corban's cozy green sweater and the little bit of yellow peeking out of the sleeves.

Veronica's camouflage jacket really makes this ensemble - an unexpected way to finish off an outfit.

And that's it for now... I have one more set of photos to post, which I'll probably post next week. Thanks for your patience :)


  1. Love your Usyd street style posts, great inspiration!

    Maybe I'll see you around uni next semester :)

    xx Bo

    1. Thanks so much lovely, it means a lot to me :) I'll keep an eye out for you! Should be more interesting since I don't know what your face looks like :P If you see me about, come say hi!


    2. Haha just keeping you on your toes! I definitely will but I'm mostly confined to the engineering side of uni :)

      xx Bo

    3. I'll wander over sometime - shouldn't be too hard to find you there :P Anyway, I spend a good deal of time confined to the molecular bioscience building, so I'm usually up that end :P

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