Thursday, 25 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 5th of June, 2013

Just casually getting my midriff out because these pants are too tight to have anything tucked into them without it looking like I have the lumpiest midsection ever. Beyond that, I felt like wearing something colourful, which still filled the pre-requisite of being comfortable enough to wear in a lab (read, pants or shorts - lab stools are best sat on in the most unladylike manner possible). 

Other than that, more obsessive love for this blazer and this denim shirt. Personally, I much prefer these pants worn this way than as I did previously. Probably because I have this problem with wearing too much colour at times :P (I also have this issue where I enjoy acting like an idiot in front of a tripod, but hey, if I didn't have that problem, this wouldn't be here).

 See this on LOOKBOOK here, or CHICTOPIA too. USYD style posts will be resuming in about a week, with semester resuming next Monday.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 21st of May 2013

I love how purple and mustard looks together...and even better yet, I can now wear the inverse of this outfit, now I've found a mustard blazer :) (I made a matching purple skirt when I made that blazer, because you know, who doesn't need a purple suit). Whilst I love the feel of a blazer made of ponti (oh, the softness), it is one hell of an annoying fabric to sew with, and it really isn't suitable to make blazers out of. Seriously - can't iron it, even at a low temperature - it scorches the fabric. Cue the beginnings of my adventures into pressing by hand - in other words, getting the blazer soaking wet, and moulding it into place as it dries. 

Ponti is lovely as a fabric, soft, and comfortable to wear (it makes awesome non-restrictive bandage skirts), but it is annoying as hell to take care of. Skirt hangers leave marks and distort the shape of the fabric, so I find it's best to lay the skirts flat in a drawer. Likewise, I had to use a pretty weird slanted zig-zag stitch narrowed to practically a straight stitch, because otherwise, the stitching ripped the moment any stretch was applied.

That very quickly descended into a rant about working with ponti. In other news, this is my last outfit post from May (woo!) Now just two from June and then this shall be reasonably current :)

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 20th of May 2013

Woo, high quality photos! *cough* I contemplated reshooting these, but my nail polish matched my shirt and I thought that was fun and all. I also tied my belt in some kind of kooky way that I'm not entirely sure I can replicate - the stabby bit that goes through the belt hole kind of disappeared.... 

My sister Clare found this lovely navy silk skirt at Vinnies (alongside a matching top), and on her suggestion, I wore it with this orange top. I probably wouldn't have chosen that top, but I'm glad she did suggest it - it's much more interesting than the white or black shirt I would have inevitably chosen. I wore this to uni on one of those pleasant days where I only have lectures to attend.

Otherwise, I have three more oufits from during semester to post now (woo!), and two new outfits (well, portions of them have been on instagram, but not the entire thing) which I shot today to test out a point and shoot camera I have on lend. 

Hope the week has been treating you all well thus far - I'm already beginning to dread the end of holidays. Free time is so nice :)

You can see this on LOOKBOOK here and CHICTOPIA too, as per usual :)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 16th of May, 2013

Call it the 'winter appropriate' version of this outfit, if you will, I can't help but want to wear this denim shirt with this navy blazer. I've had a bit of a navy obsession as of recently - I suppose it's the less dramatic version of going all black. And no red belt too :o

Mid-year sales evvvverywhere. Including Vinnies (woo!). Managed to find an ankle length black coat that doesn't make me look like a ten year old swimming in mummie's coat. Extremely keen to wear it with the shortest shorts and the highest heels I can find. Been looking for such a coat for a while, mostly to wear with short shorts (and long dresses). I get completely normal cravings, yah?

Wittner are also having a pretty awesome sale - I have to say, I'm a sucker for comfortable, decently made shoes - of the things you shouldn't 'skimp' on quality wise, shoes are definitely included (alongside bags, bra's and perfume - worth getting good quality. Or maybe I simply like to flounce about smelling all feminine and nice and stuff without having to worry about excessive bounce whilst being able to transport half my life about with me). 

In other news, the boyfriend (or in other words, the elusive James who photographs me when I am sans tripod) has just landed in Australia, having returned from Japan, and thus I need to make my room look as though someone didn't recently play dress up and throw clothes everywhere.

You can see this on LOOKBOOK too, as well as CHICTOPIA. Have a good weekend everyone :)

Navy Blazer - Target
Denim Shirt - Dotti
Pleather pants - Subtitled

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

University of Sydney Style - Weeks 11, 12 and 13

So here is the last instalment of USYD street style from Semester One, 2013. It's been a pleasure photographing you all this semester, and I'm excited to do it all again next semester :) I've hopefully learnt a bit more about photography, and I have a few ideas for improving USYD Style next semester - I'll make a feedback post soon here, and on the facebook page so I can check how you all feel about them, and to see if any of you have any suggestions, or ideas for what you'd like to see here. 

Thanks so much for your time this semester - in letting me photograph you (and being patient with me as I learn!), waiting for my posts (especially for those photographed - these last two posts took far too long to appear), and for all those who read these posts (or my blog in general). I hope you've enjoyed these posts - whether for inspiration, or amusement, or last minute procrastination. Let me know what you think of them - I'd love to hear what you think :)

I love Tina's ensemble - very chic. The pop of red from her bag goes perfectly with the red lips and the pale pink dress.

 Lani's teal jacket and red back coordinate nicely with her sweet floral dress. Simple, but lovely :)

I love how James' navy green cardigan pairs with his bright green pants. The brown shoes are also a nice touch.

I've always loved how Mary dresses - laid-back and down to earth, but still very full of attitude - much like her personality :)

I absolutely adore Jess's outfit - a simple monochrome palette with a pair of colourful pants lends a sense of Parisian chic.

Charlie is one of the more 'stylish' guys I know (if I had a dollar every time I saw him in a 'knitted jumper'.....). Gotta love the jumper matching the shoes. And I guess half the tie matches them also (its woven alternatively with red and green... I'll get a photo of it sometime. It's pretty cool).

A snazzy red scarf brightens up an otherwise simple outfit. I love the addition of suspenders too - I don't see these nearly as often as I (think I) should. I sincerely wish I had remembered to write this gentleman's name down... he was hilarious to photograph (not to mention memorable to talk to). He also put up with two of my friends (you know who you are....) shouting peculiar things as I photographed him. I'd like to thank him for providing awesome send off photos *points downwards*.

So, that's it for semester :o I hope you've enjoyed USYD street style thus far :)

I'll see you all next semester :) Enjoy the rest of your holidays!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 15th of May, 2013

So I wasn't exaggerating when I said I was a bit obsessed with this blazer...what can I say? Although it isn't as bad as my reliance on my red belt - a quick check of my lookbook tells me I've worn it in 6/9 of my last outfit posts. Oh dear.... I'll have to get more creative :P Have I mentioned red is my favourite colour?

Otherwise, standardised labwear - pleather pants, buttoned up shirt, and of course, a blazer. I find that as semester goes on, my outfits tend to become more archetypal, relying more on the fact that a lot of my wardrobe goes together more than creativity at that particular moment. I'll need to think of some challenges for myself for next semester I think - I rarely wear my dresses, and I can think of at least a few items I haven't worn off the top of my head, and so many other items that I haven't worn in a while. I used to do Couture Mondays in first year (essentially dressing in a way that was a bit too dressy for uni - I had fun. Lot's of fun!) It wasn't all kimonos though (I ran out of them...).Let me know if you have any suggestions in terms of 'challenges'. I'll try and think of a few for during semester myself :P

Besides casually ranting about how sartorially uncreative I feel as of late, here is what I'm wearing:

Blue striped Blazer - Ben Sherman (thrifted)
Pale pink blouse - H&M (thrifted)
'Catwoman' pants - Subtitled

You can see this on LOOKBOOK, and also CHICTOPIA. Let me know if you're on either of those so I can see your style :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 13th of May 2013

And here is the Zara blazer I found at Vinnies alongside the Ben Sherman one from my last outfit post. Much like the Ben Sherman one, I've been wearing it a bit much because it goes with so many things - white is great as an alternative to black, and the navy stripes prevent it from being too stark. 

In terms of wearing things far too much, the denim shirt is also great for that - it spends its existence in limbo between the chair I cover in clothes and the washing basket (and of course the washing machine...). Easily gussied up with a pretty skirt, and the right blazer (kindly refer to my obsession with the white number above). Easily made more casual (as well as more comfortable and lab appropriate) with tight jeans (or leather pants) and as per usual, the 'right' blazer.

White Blazer with navy stripes - Zara
Denim Shirt - Dotti
Red Belt - from my Mum's closet
Navy Skirt - Kmart (I'm hardcore)

You can see this on LOOBOOK here, CHICTOPIA too. And with a different, yet equally awkward write up! Thanks to James for the photography, always better than a tripod :) 

Thursday, 4 July 2013

University of Sydney Style - Weeks 10 and 11

After a somewhat extended break (oh biochemistry, why do I love thee so?), here is the first of the last two posts. In terms of next semester, I'll be in at uni for re-o-week (check the facebook page for specifics closer to the date), and I look forward to seeing you all there :)

Ntshele sports a rather dapper navy jacket (gotta love elbow patches). I love this outfit (and this photo too, it's probably my favourite thus far). Straightforward, but very stylish and in an approachable way too.

I love this dress, the little pearls sewed on the bottom are just adorable :) The pink flats are great, adding an unexpected pop of colour to an otherwise neutral palette.

I love how the texture of Xin's lace dress resembles that of the stockings, whilst the colour of the dress is matched to the hat. I love the unexpected addition of a hat to this outfit, it really helps to make the richness of the dress more daytime appropriate.

Rachel demonstrating perfect casual chic - take a pair of jeans with a faint print to them, a pale blue shirt, add a punchy sweater and top it off with a lovely pin-up style fringe and a friendly smile. The green nails are also lovely :)

Again on the note of comfortable chic - blazers and a button up shirt are my own personal godsend (especially at the end of semester when my brain hurts far too much to be used creatively). I love Lauren's beanie too, so cute :)

I love Corban's cozy green sweater and the little bit of yellow peeking out of the sleeves.

Veronica's camouflage jacket really makes this ensemble - an unexpected way to finish off an outfit.

And that's it for now... I have one more set of photos to post, which I'll probably post next week. Thanks for your patience :)