Friday, 16 May 2014

OOTD: Vogue Fashion Night Out

Huzzah! Yet again I commence another blog post attempting to excuse some kind of lengthy absence. Although at least this time, it's of a self-imposed nature, rather than being due to being busy. I started this blog in an attempt to chronicle what I wear, however, since I'm a bit of a perfectionist, this just results in me feeling like I need to photograph anything interesting I wear, or that I 'can't' re-wear entire outfits that I've already worn. Which is of course, an unsustainable model. Maybe when I'm 41, and I've had another 20 years to accumulate blazers and business shirts from Salvo's and Vinnies.

But of course, I don't blog just to chronicle my outfits - a large part of it comes down to the styling aspect, or the wish to convey a certain mood, a certain character (which is of course, half the joy of dressing). There's also the photographic aspect - I've always enjoyed messing around with a camera, and I have thousands of ridiculous photographs to prove it*. Photography takes a lot of patience, especially self-portraiture - it only takes one small thing to ruin, or diminish a photo. Funnily enough, most of my more awkward photos are because my limbs are in a silly place. But then, I feel like an absolute idiot trying to look all fancy and editorial-like when I photograph myself, or when someone else photographs me - I just can't help but feel conceited, or self-absorbed. Of course, everyone, especially anyone raised in an individualistic society, is self-absorbed to some extent, but I can't help but feel as though this feeling of self-absorption is mainly due to poor self-image, and the ridiculous standard of beauty presented to us by the media at large. And that's another reason why I blog - to write - and yet, I really do so little of that. Fashion is a fairly fascinating industry to dissect, and it's something I regularly do, but I don't bother to write it all down. 

So in many ways, this self-imposed hiatus has been good - for one, I've failed to photograph so many outfits now there is no feasible way I could ever catch up :P It also has given me time to think, especially in terms of why I actually want to blog, as opposed to why I feel obligated to. A small difference in perspective, but realistically, the feeling of obligation can ruin about anything. Also, instagram for example, allows me to quickly record my more 'interesting' outfits, although my Mum is constantly asking me why I'm taking another photo of my feet. 

Now I've gotten all philosophical about blogging and such (as one does)........first set of images taken with my DSLR! I have a whole bunch I need to sort through and edit (i.e. fix lighting issues), which shall arrive when they arrive. And also the last set from USYD style 2013 :) I've enjoyed messing around with my camera thus far, although I really need to invest in a remote so I can get adventurous and not stand next to trees or in front of walls so auto-focus works right. Always an exciting prospect :P 

As usual, see this on LOOKBOOK here and CHICTOPIA here :) I'm going to go through comments and such in the next few weeks, since I tend to be terrible at replying sometimes and let them pile up. Sorry about that, it's a ridiculous cycle of procrastination.

  *I just checked and apparently it's up to 23, 392 files in my 'Camera' folder. I also have a whole bunch of analogue photographs stashed everywhere from my early days with disposable and basic film cameras. I think the worst part here is that I'm not surprised I've surpassed 20 000 photographs, and almost expected it to be higher. At least it should be entertaining to organise......