Wednesday, 10 July 2013

University of Sydney Style - Weeks 11, 12 and 13

So here is the last instalment of USYD street style from Semester One, 2013. It's been a pleasure photographing you all this semester, and I'm excited to do it all again next semester :) I've hopefully learnt a bit more about photography, and I have a few ideas for improving USYD Style next semester - I'll make a feedback post soon here, and on the facebook page so I can check how you all feel about them, and to see if any of you have any suggestions, or ideas for what you'd like to see here. 

Thanks so much for your time this semester - in letting me photograph you (and being patient with me as I learn!), waiting for my posts (especially for those photographed - these last two posts took far too long to appear), and for all those who read these posts (or my blog in general). I hope you've enjoyed these posts - whether for inspiration, or amusement, or last minute procrastination. Let me know what you think of them - I'd love to hear what you think :)

I love Tina's ensemble - very chic. The pop of red from her bag goes perfectly with the red lips and the pale pink dress.

 Lani's teal jacket and red back coordinate nicely with her sweet floral dress. Simple, but lovely :)

I love how James' navy green cardigan pairs with his bright green pants. The brown shoes are also a nice touch.

I've always loved how Mary dresses - laid-back and down to earth, but still very full of attitude - much like her personality :)

I absolutely adore Jess's outfit - a simple monochrome palette with a pair of colourful pants lends a sense of Parisian chic.

Charlie is one of the more 'stylish' guys I know (if I had a dollar every time I saw him in a 'knitted jumper'.....). Gotta love the jumper matching the shoes. And I guess half the tie matches them also (its woven alternatively with red and green... I'll get a photo of it sometime. It's pretty cool).

A snazzy red scarf brightens up an otherwise simple outfit. I love the addition of suspenders too - I don't see these nearly as often as I (think I) should. I sincerely wish I had remembered to write this gentleman's name down... he was hilarious to photograph (not to mention memorable to talk to). He also put up with two of my friends (you know who you are....) shouting peculiar things as I photographed him. I'd like to thank him for providing awesome send off photos *points downwards*.

So, that's it for semester :o I hope you've enjoyed USYD street style thus far :)

I'll see you all next semester :) Enjoy the rest of your holidays!


  1. dude, that's not a cardigan, I don't even own one

    1. I so knew you would complain about something I said. I'll change it to 'knitted jumper'. Anything else? :P

  2. Great photos! There's something to like in all of these. <3 I've wanted to do something like this for a long time, but taking people's photos can be tricky around here. Hehe. We'll see. :D

    - Anna

    1. Taking other people's photos is tricky in general! I'm so used to just photographing myself haha. I'd love to see some from you! You have such a great sense of style, it would be cool to see who you photographed! :)

      - Jackie