About Me

 I am Jackie Bultitude, a 21 year old Biochemist, born and bred in Sydney, Australia, with an unhealthy obsession for the sartorial side of life. I initially started photographing my outfits back in 2011, as I thought that I put too much effort into how I dress to not record it. I also take street style photo's around the University of Sydney, to appreciate and share the creativity seen around campus. Whilst I'll be taking a break from study in 2014 (I've completed my bachelor's degree, but I still want to do Medicine), if I am on campus, I will take photos. 

When I'm not posing like a, well, poser, in front of my camera, or burying my head into a textbook, you can find me with my head instead buried in a novel or a magazine. I also have a habit of arranging words in a somewhat questionable order for artistic effect. Or what is otherwise called writing :P When I can manage to gather the effort, I sew, mostly taking what I've found at the Salvation Army or St. Vicnent de Pauls, and making it smaller, shorter, or the like. I'd say I like to design and make items from scratch, but more accurately, I like to half-make items from scratch, and then give up, because I've suddenely run out of patience and don't actually know what I am doing, rather I just hope and think I do.

In case you can't tell, I feel a little awkward rambling on about myself online. Scratch that, I also feel that way in real life. Gosh, I'm cool...

I'm most active on instagram as a general rule, so I'd head there if you want to see what I've been up to in real time. I love reading any comments left for me here, or on other sites - they really do make my day :)

You can contact me for enquiries, collaborations, and the like at usydstyle@gmail.com.

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