Monday, 6 May 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 8

I personally feel as though my photo's are getting better...otherwise, it's been a good week - so many stylish people about, and so little time. Or maybe that's just third year. Or tertiary education in general.

The lovely Ally, whose page you can find here. Black and white striped pants, perfect to pair with bright red and emerald green in an outfit you can see a mile away.
I love it when jackets have nice lining - the leopard print adds just a little bit of interest, even if it isn't particularly noticeable.

Simple, but very chic. The brown bag, shoes and glasses keep this casual, whilst the two necklaces add a dainty touch.

Always love a suit, especially one in maroon silk. The pussy-bow blouse adds a nice flair.

I love Natalie's top, perfect for a sunny day. Likewise, those sunglasses are perfect for that hairstyle.

Such a sweet dress, perfect for comfortable chic. Perfect for a picnic, or something of the like (which works well, since I first found her eating her lunch :P)

And of course, the emerald scarf plays up the colourful hair nicely, tying it into the dress nicely.

I love the silhouette created with Anneli's dress (leftt) by the belt, it conjures up images 40's tailoring paired with a bohemian vibe from the print. Hayley's cape/top (right) is lovely.....cravings to steal it (to wear with red, of course).

The lovely Fiona, this time in much better lighting... then again, what doesn't beat Fisher Library lighting? Such a darling dress, and again the attention to detail with accessories - green blue belt to match the leaves, yellow earrings, and pink watch to match the flowers... perfect :)

The whole nonchalant cool look - Elizabeth (who was hilarious....made the 9am start much less painful for a moment) proving the sartorial effectiveness of skinny jeans, a button up shirt, and a black blazer. Cue handbag that brings out the ombre hair.

The glasses don't hurt either...

Charlie, wearing three powerful colours at once (and casually, nonetheless), and pulling it off. So much cheerful preppiness :P

Love the pattern on the shirt....subtle, but worth it.
Laura, looking very french and very sweet (and warm ^.^ ). It's lovely to see someone wearing something I want to photograph, and then realise that person is a friend ;)

More of the long hemlines - there's something about them that is much more intriguing than a mini-skirt (don't get me wrong, I still belong very much in the mini-skirt category). Love the peek of navy at her collar, almost like a necklace...but made of another shirt :P

Khatera looks absolutely stunning with the right button up shirt with the right jeans... something I currently appear to be a little obsessed with. Love the pink polish with the red belt.

I found a stylish gent in the wild. Finn here, with shiny shoes, blue suit pants and tie (that can't help but make me think of Pete Campbell from Mad Men). Love the contrast supplied by the khaki blazer. Also, Finn was the first person to recognise me when I requested a photo - that was a lovely ego boost :)

Katherine in a stunning blazer (suddenly loving my navy blazer less) paired with tartan pants for prep perfection. I kind of missed the headband, but it was a navy velvet bow.

And pearl earrings add just the right touch.

Julia, looking a little bit french, and very lovely. Black and white stripes are an easy way to make any outfit look chic.

On reflection, this weeks theme seemed to be 'preppy' and casual chic. Both of which fit quite well with the whole theme of education based street style. Anyway, I've changed the comment settings so that anyone can comment, so let me know what you think of my posts! Which outfit was your favourite? I'm happy to hear any suggestions :) Thanks for letting me photograph you, I appreciate it...and thanks for reading :) 

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