Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 20th of May 2013

Woo, high quality photos! *cough* I contemplated reshooting these, but my nail polish matched my shirt and I thought that was fun and all. I also tied my belt in some kind of kooky way that I'm not entirely sure I can replicate - the stabby bit that goes through the belt hole kind of disappeared.... 

My sister Clare found this lovely navy silk skirt at Vinnies (alongside a matching top), and on her suggestion, I wore it with this orange top. I probably wouldn't have chosen that top, but I'm glad she did suggest it - it's much more interesting than the white or black shirt I would have inevitably chosen. I wore this to uni on one of those pleasant days where I only have lectures to attend.

Otherwise, I have three more oufits from during semester to post now (woo!), and two new outfits (well, portions of them have been on instagram, but not the entire thing) which I shot today to test out a point and shoot camera I have on lend. 

Hope the week has been treating you all well thus far - I'm already beginning to dread the end of holidays. Free time is so nice :)

You can see this on LOOKBOOK here and CHICTOPIA too, as per usual :)

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