Sunday, 21 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 21st of May 2013

I love how purple and mustard looks together...and even better yet, I can now wear the inverse of this outfit, now I've found a mustard blazer :) (I made a matching purple skirt when I made that blazer, because you know, who doesn't need a purple suit). Whilst I love the feel of a blazer made of ponti (oh, the softness), it is one hell of an annoying fabric to sew with, and it really isn't suitable to make blazers out of. Seriously - can't iron it, even at a low temperature - it scorches the fabric. Cue the beginnings of my adventures into pressing by hand - in other words, getting the blazer soaking wet, and moulding it into place as it dries. 

Ponti is lovely as a fabric, soft, and comfortable to wear (it makes awesome non-restrictive bandage skirts), but it is annoying as hell to take care of. Skirt hangers leave marks and distort the shape of the fabric, so I find it's best to lay the skirts flat in a drawer. Likewise, I had to use a pretty weird slanted zig-zag stitch narrowed to practically a straight stitch, because otherwise, the stitching ripped the moment any stretch was applied.

That very quickly descended into a rant about working with ponti. In other news, this is my last outfit post from May (woo!) Now just two from June and then this shall be reasonably current :)

You can also find this on LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA :)


  1. Love those colors!!! Great outfit!!!

    1. Thanks Taryn :) I'm a little obsessed with purple and mustard :P