Saturday, 13 July 2013

Outfit of the Day - 16th of May, 2013

Call it the 'winter appropriate' version of this outfit, if you will, I can't help but want to wear this denim shirt with this navy blazer. I've had a bit of a navy obsession as of recently - I suppose it's the less dramatic version of going all black. And no red belt too :o

Mid-year sales evvvverywhere. Including Vinnies (woo!). Managed to find an ankle length black coat that doesn't make me look like a ten year old swimming in mummie's coat. Extremely keen to wear it with the shortest shorts and the highest heels I can find. Been looking for such a coat for a while, mostly to wear with short shorts (and long dresses). I get completely normal cravings, yah?

Wittner are also having a pretty awesome sale - I have to say, I'm a sucker for comfortable, decently made shoes - of the things you shouldn't 'skimp' on quality wise, shoes are definitely included (alongside bags, bra's and perfume - worth getting good quality. Or maybe I simply like to flounce about smelling all feminine and nice and stuff without having to worry about excessive bounce whilst being able to transport half my life about with me). 

In other news, the boyfriend (or in other words, the elusive James who photographs me when I am sans tripod) has just landed in Australia, having returned from Japan, and thus I need to make my room look as though someone didn't recently play dress up and throw clothes everywhere.

You can see this on LOOKBOOK too, as well as CHICTOPIA. Have a good weekend everyone :)

Navy Blazer - Target
Denim Shirt - Dotti
Pleather pants - Subtitled

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