Friday, 15 March 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 2

Sydney University Style

It's so lovely to see someone dressed so bright and cheerful on such a dreary day. I love the little cut out detail at the neck - subtle, but beautiful.

I love dresses like this, that make an impact from a distance, but are even more beautiful still up close. The coordinated accessories also help to make the pink stand out without overpowering the pattern.

Another dreary day brightened by a cheerful outfit - again, wonderful accessories that complement her outfit perfectly.
I saw this girl off in the distance, and wanted to photograph her, but assumed running down the steps next to New Law when they were wet wasn't going to end well. Luckily enough, when I went into the Lawbry, she was just coming in herself :)

Detail of the skirt

I love the little tint of purple in her hair - subtle, but still noticeable from a distance, and wonderful alongside the grey blouse.

I feel vaguely like a stalker chasing after people to take photo's, and a bit rude because I am inevitably interrupting conversation, but everyone was very gracious and flattered, so I'll take that as a good sign :)

I'll be taking photo's at USYD throughout next week, and I shall post them all on Friday.

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