Friday, 22 March 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 3

Such a beautiful kimono, do want. She was rather surprised I wanted to photograph her... It's nice to see someone so extravagantly dressed, who pulls it off so casually.

These two looked so striking together! I love how their outfits are coordinated, I love it when my sister and I accidentally do this :)

Such an eye-catching jacket :) I quite like these photo's... for some reason, studying adds a romantic kind of quality. Or maybe I'm just a nerd.

So cute! Absolutely in love with her shoes, I regret not taking a close up.

I love Tori's dress (thrifted, of course :P). Such a cute photo :)

Note to self: don't take photos' of people without sunlight. Sorry Em :( I've enjoyed watching Emily's sense of personal style evolve since I met her in first year of uni - I'm sure I'll be taking more photo's of her, if she'll let me :P

Love the rings, and how the blue ring matches the navy collar.

Such an eye-catching outfit, and probably the most hilarious group of friends I've encountered. Adore this outfit.

 I manged to get all of these on Monday, which was well-timed, considering I've gotten sick... I apologise for the lack of outfit posts, I've been busy with GAMSAT coming up this weekend, but after that, I will have less stress and more time :)

Thanks again to everyone who let me take photos!

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