Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Have you no idea that you're in deep? I dreamt about you nearly every night this week

Firstly, I'm entering the lovenailtree x LOOKBOOK competition, so if you're here, please make my day and go over there and read my little bit of prose (from a piece of writing I'm hoping to continue), and hype my look (you just need facebook). I've always loved writing; so the connection of my two creative outlets (writing and fashion) is really enticing to me - basically, the brand is going to 'bring five stories to life' in a special collection.

Sticking to song lyrics for post titles, because I have always sucked at naming things. See: my photographic musings as a 14 year old. (Here, I should have linked you to my deviant art or something, but why would I put you through that? I'm not that mean....). Thank you Triple J for directing me towards songs to play on repeat....and congratulations to Lorde for getting three songs in the top 15, and finagling number 2. And then going on to win two grammy's. Can you tell I like Lorde?

I think I look like an eight year old in the second picture (which is basically why I included it). Otherwise, I can't help but adore the appeal of this blazer and black button up shirt together. I'll have to wear it with the white pants I finally own. Which are thankfully denim, and (non-chlorine) bleach friendly, for when I inevitably stain them (somehow). But otherwise, these fuchsia shorts are the perfect colour to pair with navy, and I've recently fallen in love with navy :P I've also recently bought far too much clothing. So many pants - I wish I had them last year, when I had labs all the time. Oh well :P Now I just have to wait until the temperature drops...oh, out of season sale shopping. 

In other news, I've basically finished editing my first video, so that will be live with my next outfit post. How exciting :P I hope you all had a great Australia Day Long Weekend - it was great to relax, and for once, it must have been nice to go to Big Day Out (Not being about 35-40°C).

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  1. I love the bright pink in this outfit! It makes the whole thing pop!

    - Anna