Monday, 20 May 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 9

Sorry for the long delay, I had a few rather hectic weeks....things are still a bit hectic, but my back-log of photo's is growing, and I'm sure you'd like to see them :P On the upside, I should have plenty of photo's to post during stuvac when you're all in need of a distraction :) Also, note that the post title format has changed to be more logical (rather than week ending, I'm just going to label them as the weeks of semester). 

Tessa here looks remarkably bright and cheerful, demonstrating the impact of a few punchy accessories (and of course, bright pink hair with matching lipstick never hurts).

Margaret Zhang (from Shine by Three), with electronics and cables a many, making an impact despite her laidback ensemble - the beauty of a wonderful coat.

Pastel preppy perfection :P (Can you tell I like alliteration?) I adore the green plaid with the pink stripes, and the black is a good choice, it gives Kathy's outfit a bit of an edge.

Eliane with an adorable scarf, and a lovely dress, accentuated nicely with a bright green belt. Very cute :)

Laura (who runs a pretty cool blog called Roses and Vellum - check it out for some cool Neo-Victorian Style) looks awesome. I love her coat, so beautiful! The little bit of shirt peeking out is just perfect too.

I love the brooch attached where a necklace would sit - an idea I might have to 'appropriate' sometime.

Lauren looking very 'off-duty model' - comfortable and warm, but still stylish. Love the pants!

Betty, looking very lovely again. Very chic, and very classy.

Such a lovely headband - it's the little details like these that make Betty's outfits so pretty :) (I've probably mentioned this before).

And finally, Nancy, who we've also seen before. (Thanks for letting me photograph you again!) I love how her maroon shoes and glasses match her sweater.

And that's it for now.... I'll keep taking heaps of photo's though, so I have plenty to post during Stuvac and exam period. Also, I've been trying to find more guys to photograph, but a lot of the stylish guys I see either refuse to be photographed or are equipped with skateboards on which they move extremely quickly (in a suit too). Found two today though, so there's those to look forward to. Thanks to everyone who let me photograph them- I enjoyed meeting all of you :)

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  1. How tall was Margaret? I feel like it's this huge secret lol