Friday, 22 March 2013

University of Sydney Style - Week 3

Such a beautiful kimono, do want. She was rather surprised I wanted to photograph her... It's nice to see someone so extravagantly dressed, who pulls it off so casually.

These two looked so striking together! I love how their outfits are coordinated, I love it when my sister and I accidentally do this :)

Such an eye-catching jacket :) I quite like these photo's... for some reason, studying adds a romantic kind of quality. Or maybe I'm just a nerd.

So cute! Absolutely in love with her shoes, I regret not taking a close up.

I love Tori's dress (thrifted, of course :P). Such a cute photo :)

Note to self: don't take photos' of people without sunlight. Sorry Em :( I've enjoyed watching Emily's sense of personal style evolve since I met her in first year of uni - I'm sure I'll be taking more photo's of her, if she'll let me :P

Love the rings, and how the blue ring matches the navy collar.

Such an eye-catching outfit, and probably the most hilarious group of friends I've encountered. Adore this outfit.

 I manged to get all of these on Monday, which was well-timed, considering I've gotten sick... I apologise for the lack of outfit posts, I've been busy with GAMSAT coming up this weekend, but after that, I will have less stress and more time :)

Thanks again to everyone who let me take photos!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Outfit of the Day - 5th March 2013

Yellow Skirt - Thrift Shop 
(Thank you previous owner for making it short and saving me the effort)
White Sheer Blouse - Kmart
Blue Cardigan - Chocolatte
Red Belt - Vintage from my Mum
Shoes - Ziera

I wore a lot of yellow my first week back at university for some reason. It was probably the heat getting to me.  From now on, things will be in chronological order. I'm sorry that things will be a week or so behind, but it's the easiest way to do it with university and transit absorbing so much of my time. 

Find this on lookbook here

Don't ask what my legs are doing here, I don't know :P

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University of Sydney Style - Week 2

Sydney University Style

It's so lovely to see someone dressed so bright and cheerful on such a dreary day. I love the little cut out detail at the neck - subtle, but beautiful.

I love dresses like this, that make an impact from a distance, but are even more beautiful still up close. The coordinated accessories also help to make the pink stand out without overpowering the pattern.

Another dreary day brightened by a cheerful outfit - again, wonderful accessories that complement her outfit perfectly.
I saw this girl off in the distance, and wanted to photograph her, but assumed running down the steps next to New Law when they were wet wasn't going to end well. Luckily enough, when I went into the Lawbry, she was just coming in herself :)

Detail of the skirt

I love the little tint of purple in her hair - subtle, but still noticeable from a distance, and wonderful alongside the grey blouse.

I feel vaguely like a stalker chasing after people to take photo's, and a bit rude because I am inevitably interrupting conversation, but everyone was very gracious and flattered, so I'll take that as a good sign :)

I'll be taking photo's at USYD throughout next week, and I shall post them all on Friday.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Outfit of the Day - 6th March, 2013

 My outfits are a bit out of order... I have one more left to back-date, and then I should be able to go chronologically... and actually around when I have worn it. 
For this, I felt like something comfortable and simple. It was a cold and rainy morning, followed by a hot and sunny afternoon, so this worked quite well.

Dress - Imprint 
Cardigan - Chocolatte
Belt - Thrifted
Pearls - Thrifted
Shoes - Girls Xpress

Find this look on lookbook here

Find this look on lookbook here

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Outfit of the Day - 8th March, 2013

 Orange Dress - ESQ Design
Belt - Vintage (my Mum's)
Cardigan - Chocolatte
Flats - Supersoft by Diana Ferrari

I love this dress - I wish it had been better made, I hate finding beautiful, but poorly made clothing. I got a lot of compliments wearing this, which is always nice for the ego :) I'm finally starting to get consistently decent photo's - it's taken a while for me to figure it out ;)

Find this look on lookbook here

Find this look on lookbook here

Friday, 8 March 2013

Outfit of the Day - 7th March, 2013

White striped top - Imprint (gift)
Pleather Skirt - Dotti
Harness - A red belt and a blue belt (both thrifted)
Shoes - Shubar (Hype shoes)

I went to the Snowdroppers in this outfit, had an awesome evening. Had my harness and shoes photographed too :) I like making belts out of harnesses, makes a simple outfit much more interesting. These shoes are damn comfortable - I danced in them for about an hour. 

Find this look on lookbook here 

Find this look on lookbook here