Monday, 25 February 2013

Outfit of the Day - 24th February, 2013

Yellow  Shirt by Cue (Thrift shop)
Purple Bandage Skirt by Happy Illusion (that's me!)
Grey Belt by La Franche (Thrift shop)
Grey Heels by GirlsXpress (K-mart)
Gold Necklace (Thrift Shop)

I quite like this outfit, I haven't worn the shirt before either, so that's nice. I'll have to make more of these ponti skirts in other colours - I have green, white, and purple (as well as colourblocked versions with those three colours), and they are so comfortable and soft to wear :)

Also, posing whilst sitting down - this is new for me.Pleasantly surprised how these shots turned out, but I need a better camera.

Find this look on lookbook here

Find this look on lookbook here

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